diy lip scrub

it’s that time of year where itchy, dry skin and peeling lips make their grand appearance. or if you’re like me, you have had an ongoing struggle with it since october. UH.

at any rate, here is a simple diy lip scrub that i use to help keep my lips smooth and lipstick ready.

what you’ll need:

*1/2 tspn. of honey

*1/4 tspn. of brown sugar

*1/2 tspn. of olive oil


mix the three ingredients together. i use the above measurements if i am making more than one use out of it. lessen the measurements if you would like to make just one application.

after mixing everything together, scoop it onto your finger and apply to your lips. i like to lightly scrub for approximately one minute. afterwards, i rinse with warm water and pat dry.


i would definitely recommend using a lip mask to replenish your lips’ moisture barrier. since i often scrub my lips before going to bed, i use my favorite lip mask: bite. agave lip mask. you can also opt to use something like this or even a bit of coconut oil.


happy scrubbing!



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