soft wave tutorial

this is my very first VIDEO tutorial. i'm not good at editing and all that...yet. but i'm glad to finally get a how-to up! this is a basic, soft wave look. it's more of an easy, everyday style. i wear my hair like this a lot because it's not only easy and quick, but has … Continue reading soft wave tutorial

diy lip scrub

it's that time of year where itchy, dry skin and peeling lips make their grand appearance. or if you're like me, you have had an ongoing struggle with it since october. UH. at any rate, here is a simple diy lip scrub that i use to help keep my lips smooth and lipstick ready. what … Continue reading diy lip scrub

the 411 on braids.

happy hump day! before i start adding some braided styles to the blog, it occurred to me that some may not know how to braid. so i thought i'd share some resources for basic how-tos on braiding. for a basic french braid, here are a couple of tutorials: the fishtail is very popular and … Continue reading the 411 on braids.