manic monday

you know how they say the time change is hard on babies? i feel like moms should be added to that category. is it just me or does anyone else feel like they partied too hard at the st. pat’s day parade and then flew around the world – all in one day? #canigetanamen


our weekend was pretty relaxed. we thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weather. good ol’ missouri decided she would grace us with some spring teasers. let’s just hope she came to her senses and didn’t listen to punxsutawney phil (who really listens to a groundhog for weather predictions anyway!?!).

this is my baby’s last week of being an 11 month old. i’m already being emotional. i can’t help it! so, in honor of my sweet little bundle turning the big ONE year old on saturday, i decided to use this week to post about all things baby. and, well because he’s cute, maybe i’ll share some throwback photos of my little rettster too.

thanks for stopping by! hope you had a fab weekend!



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