february beauty favorites.


*don’t mind the horrible photo quality…

(clockwise from the bottom)

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i know i’ve been a major slacker as of late. no excuses, really. just slacking. i’ll blame it on the winter…everyone rides the struggle bus in the winter.

so here are my FIVE favorites from february (sheesh, that’s a lot of Fs). let’s get to it!

1 | herbal essences naked dry shampoo. okay, i don’t know how many dry shampoos i’ve tried over the years – it feels like at least one million. i have literally never tried one that does not leave a bit of a powdery residue on my hair. this one does not! i don’t know if it’s because it is a natural formula or what, but i love it. also, it smells like mint…so that is a plus. if you are hesitant to give dry shampoo a try, i would recommend starting out with this one. you won’t be sorry!

2 | toni&guy heat protection mist. i actually got this in my birchbox last month (you can find out the details on what that is here). i’ve received many heat protection sprays from birchbox and i’ve also purchased several. what i’ve found is that a lot of them leave the ends of my hair feeling very (for lack of a better term) slimy. they feel over conditioned, if that is a thing. the toni&guy mist is super light, smells amazing, and leaves my ends looking/feeling fresh. this has been a great addition to my hair care routine! another plus is that i can use it on my non-wash days (just on the ends) to keep them from drying out.

3| hourglass ambient lighting blush (in luminous flush). i purchased this blush quite a while ago and i use it probably three to four days out of the week. as you can see, it looks brand new. the pigment that this compact produces is insane – the ‘less is more’ theory totally applies here. i love the whole ambient lighting blush line. each one provides a pretty flush of color while also giving you that glowy/dewy look. my favorite way to wear this is along my cheekbones.

4| OPI nail envy. love this stuff. i have an unhealthy addiction to nail painting. i rarely am caught without my nails done. the OPI nail envy collection is great because it has special formulations of clear polishes to fit your nail needs. from strengthening (pictured) to soft/thin to sensitive/peeling to dry/brittle to matte to maintenance. my absolute favorite is the matte nail envy (which is hard to find) and a close second would be the strengthening. when my nails need a ‘rest’ but i still want to condition and protect them, i always always use two coats of nail envy. i also use this (most of the time) as my base coat.

5| they’re real! mascara by benefit. i am a mascara snob. for years, the only mascara i would use was lancome definicils or lancome l’extreme. they just couldn’t be topped. for some reason, i needed a change – and so the search began. i stumbled upon they’re real! when i was on sephora spree. i knew i could return it if i didn’t love it. …two tubes and a travel size later – i’m still in love! no flaking, builds nicely for longer lashes, the brush is awesome, does NOT smudge. i love it. i have been told to try some of the different brands of 3D mascara. have any of you guys tried it? i’m curious if the results and wear would be worth it. let me know what you think!

hope you enjoyed my favorites from february!




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