o i l s

essential oils are a huge part of our life. we use them every single day and so i wanted to share with you WHY and HOW we use them in our home.

i was introduced to essential oils quite a while ago. a family member distributes for another line of oils and showed me how to use one of their blends to help everett get through a tough cold season when he was about 8 months old. i remember that i loved the benefits of that particular blend and also that it was an all natural approach to help my baby. i had also received a bottle of lavender oil from somewhere and did occasionally use it to soak in the bath. not truly understanding all of the wonderful benefits oils possess, that was pretty much the extent of my usage. i’d made some conscious efforts to make our home healthier and more chemical-free, but i always just thought oils weren’t for me – i didn’t know enough about them, so i never started.

right before i had eleanor, we had some MAJOR sleep set-backs. everett totally reverted with his sleeping habits and i was looking for any and everything to help him…and me…get some rest. after researching different methods and trying almost everything – guess what? i found several resources saying lavender and cedarwood essential oils were a natural remedy to combat sleeplessness. so i decided to give them a try.

after a few months of purchasing oils and going through a couple bottles of thieves cleaner, i decided to order my essential oil starter kit with young living. the kit has all of the most commonly used oils + a diffuser – awesome deal! i did a ton of research before i made this decision – asking questions, reading blogs and articles, speaking with other oil lovers – and now we LOVE our ‘magic potions’ and use them for all the things!! i don’t want to say that we are completely crunchy here – i still very much believe in the science of medicine and i know that, while oils are a great alternative to many many things, they cannot be a substitute for everything. and there are lots of things in our home that aren’t 100% chemical-free, but if this is one small thing i can do for my family to make our lives healthier – then i’m going to!oils bring so many great benefits into your home – i can’t say enough about them! for example: thieves cleaner is an amazing, chemical-free concentrate that you can use for a million different things + added bonus – it smells like christmas! lavender and cedarwood to soothe and promote relaxation (+ SLEEP). frankincense and geranium for healthy skin. copaiba in a roller ball for teething babes. orange and grapefruit encourage emotional balance and give uplifting feelings. this is just the tip of the iceberg!

if you don’t use oils + want to get started, you can learn about the starter kit and all of the amazing benefits here. our team is seriously the BEST!

you can check out my oils instagram @wildandfreeoils where i share our favorite diffuser blends, diys, rollerball mixtures and blends i use on the kids, and more!

i hope this sparks your interest in oils! we love our oily life and i know you will too!