ROAR! everett is four.

how and whyyyy!? i look at him and can’t believe he is four years old. i feel like it was just the other day i was meeting this little man for the first time.

he is into big cats (lions, leopards, tigers – you name it, we have a figurine and probably a stuffed animal, too). so we decided to have a ‘big cat’ jungle party for his birthday. he was so excited to see all of the decorations! he even got to have a special morning with his uncle scotty – so he was all kindsa pumped! 😉

how amazing are those leaves? 😀 THANK YOU to my awesome mom and sister for the decoration help! and that cake is all the heart eyes! my sis is one talented baker – the gold detailing was gorgeous. and trust me, it was just as yum as it was pretty!

i love birthdays, so i try to make them as special as i can for the kiddos. to some people, it’s just another day. but to me, it’s the DAY YOU WERE BORN! the day your whole life began and the world was at your feet. it’s a celebration of you. SO i took the day off of work and let everett pick what he wanted to do. he wanted to go to breakfast and then to the magic house. so that’s exactly what we did! the kids climbed, played in bubbles, saw the dinosaur train exhibit, and had a blast!

we ended the night with our tradition of dinner and oreo pie (because #piday)!

happy birthday, everett! you are the most kind-hearted, smart, and loving little guy. so full of energy and SO much knowledge already. we are so lucky to call you ours. we love you bigger than the whole world, baby! xx


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