monday + kiddos

happy monday!

just kidding. mondays are ew. AND it’s gloomy outside making it extremely hard not to daydream about being snuggled on the couch watching moana over + over again with my babes.

instead i’ll just share with you these amazing booties i found at target for #momiform monday! i’ve been eyeing up these free people booties forEVER. i absolutely adore them. they are GORGEOUS. but i just couldn’t pull the trigger on the purchase. $200.. ugh, total buyer’s guilt. so i just filed them away in my drool-pile until target revved up their shoe game! they came out with an exact dupe of the free people version. obviously they are not real leather and may not hold their life quite as well as a fully leather boot (again, drool-worthy for real), but for this price i didn’t even care about that! check out the comparison below:shoes

pretty darn close, aren’t they!? i ended up ordering them online because any trip to target is dangerous.

i was a little nervous about the fit because of the tapered toe, but after reading MANY reviews, i went with my normal size (i typically stick with 7.5). they fit perfectly and are SO SO comfortable! i was completely surprised by the comfort level. i’ve worn them all day long more than once and my pregnant feet didn’t hurt a single bit. the cut-out on the side is so interesting and i love that these are such a great transitional shoe for spring. you’ll definitely be seeing some more target finds and universal thread pieces in the near future. i can’t get enough of that brand!
and just because i love them and they brighten my day (until they are screaming in the cart as i’m getting groceries…), i thought i’d share some pics of my cuties.

i think we’re finally on the downhill from the sickness (please please please). the nicer weather has them so pumped to go outside and do any/everything. they LOVE the outdoors! we’re also getting ready for a birthday celebration for my boy! everett will be four next week and his party is this weekend! he’s so excited and i don’t want to talk about the fact that he’s turning four. wahhhhh! 🙂

*booties and other outfit deets linked over in ‘shop my instagram’!*




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