32/33 w e e k s

single digits. (insert all the wide-eyed emojis) WHAT THE WHAT. i’m still trying to process that.
size: she’s up to about 4 pounds and is measuring somewhere around 18 inches long. i can definitely tell when she’s moving around that she is running out of room! she’s breathing and swallowing and growing away in there!
weight gain: none at my last check up, but i’m measuring two weeks ahead. so there’s that.
symptoms: my normal swelling is starting to make an appearance – slowly but surely. LOVE IT. it isn’t painful or anything, thankfully. it just does not look right. haha! i remember with el i went to get a pedicure right before i had her and the nail tech was disturbed to be touching my blimpish feet. bahahaha! classic. maybeeeee this baby won’t do that to me!
favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: we’ve finally had some warmer weather here and there, so i’ve been able to break out some maternity dresses. yay!! they are so easy and comfortable. some of my favorite staple maternity dresses are here, here, + here. the old navy black maxi is something that i actually wore a lot after i had eleanor. it was easy to nurse in, loose-fitting, and very comfortable.
boy or girl? baby girl!
nursery update: she won’t have a dedicated nursery per se. i think we’ll have her in a bassinet for a while and then wing it.
pregnancy related item i have loved so far: still loving my belly band! my wardrobe is getting mighty slim and the band helps me have some options! i actually wear it under pretty much everything (even if i don’t need it to keep my pants up) for the added support.
one thing i am currently having trouble with: organization. i feel like a lot of ‘to-dos’ are piling up at home and at work. i usually try to stay organized, but it’s been a real struggle the last handful of weeks. > > i don’t think that’s changed. i am feeling that nesting urge so we’ll see if i can get it together.
one moment I loved about this past week: my sweet boy turned FOUR. he had the best little party and then we went to the magic house on his actual birthday. he said he had the ‘greatest time in his life’. haha! and when i said ‘don’t grow up too fast!’ he responded with ‘i have to mom!’. it’s so bittersweet!
one thing i plan to do for myself this week: we’re going on a girls date this coming weekend to The Melting Pot. it’s going to be awesome to just get out for an evening!
food cravings: cookies. still cookies. and ALL THE MILK. < < mmhmm. why did i order three boxes of thin mints???
currently working on: trying to walk and stretch. the weather needs to stay at a general WARM temperature but we do get out there on days it’s nice!


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