teething troubles

another monday in the books. we had a rough couple of nights with el. she is getting about five teeth and was restless as could be. i, being of beached-whale size, was definitely not going to sleep on her floor to help comfort her…so i put her in bed with us. while i LOVED the snuggles, girlfriend kicked me out of my pregnancy pillow and pretty much had her feet in my face most of the night. haha! ah, i will really miss these days. tired beyond belief, but knowing that my sweet baby girl needed her momma because she didn’t feel great made my heart swell. ☺️

anyway… a lame selfie for #momiform monday today. what can i say? you’re lucky i got alllllll of this in one frame.

gold disc necklace | vest | grey sweater | jeans | watch | nikes

comfort. goal for my life. love greys, destroyed denim, and a comfy vest for layering.

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