2 8 w e e k s

we are officially in the THIRD trimester! full disclosure, i’m actually 29 weeks now but didn’t get a chance to post. 🙂

size: little lady is about the size of a large eggplant and is at about 2.25 pounds. although if you look at me, you may think to yourself that this baby must be about 6 pounds already! haha! jk..kind of. her eyesight is developing and may possibly see light that filters through my belly. she can blink and even has eyelashes!
weight gain: oh – how much weight have i gained? nope. *insert girl with shrugging shoulders emoji*
symptoms: all good! the ol round ligament is stretching away, which is always a treat! and baby is doing allll kinds of kicks and punches now! fingers crossed that we get to have another ultrasound in a few weeks to see her!
favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: thank goodness for the belly band. i’m not sure what i was thinking when i bought some maternity pants the first time around, but no. i have one go-to pair (that you’ve seen here + here on #momiform monday) and other than that i wear my belly band. i’ve really tried maxing out my non-maternity wardrobe but it is getting VERY hard to do that. when the belly hangs out the bottom of your shirt, it is never a good look.
boy or girl? sweet little girl! we miiiiigggghhhhttt have a name for her! still swishin it around a bit. 😉
nursery update: she won’t have a dedicated nursery per se. i did get a drawer started for her in elea’s dresser! i need to dig out eleanor’s newborn tub and go through that. i’m pretty excited that this one will be in the same season that el was born in! i get to reuse allll the cute clothes and headbands!
pregnancy related item i have loved so far: TUMS. the heartburn is real. if tums aren’t pregnancy related well…they should be.
one thing i am currently having trouble with: organization. i feel like a lot of ‘to-dos’ are piling up at home and at work. i usually try to stay organized, but it’s been a real struggle the last handful of weeks.
one moment I loved about this past week: the other day when everett got home from school, he was watching a dinosaur program on my phone for a little while – and of course miss eleanor had to also watch. so he put his arm around her and they watched it together. it was the sweetest thing ever. i love how much they love each other and i hope it always stays that way.
one thing i plan to do for myself this week: since we have a pretty free weekend, i’m looking forward to knocking some things off my to-do list!
food cravings: cookies. still cookies. and ALL THE MILK.
currently working on: working out and stretching. i’m hoping the warmer weather is moving in soon! i’m so ready to get out and do some walking with the kids. we’ll see. it’s been super wet around here and seems like it will be that way next week too! i think we are all getting a little stir crazy.
happy wknd friends!



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