holiday gift guide for the littles

buying gifts for others is something i genuinely love to do. i try to be thoughtful, yet creative. i like to gift items that, i hope, make the recipient feel special in some way. this feeling is tenfold when buying for my kiddos. i’m not saying that i make every gift sentimental or anything, but i LOVE watching the reaction and excitement. it’s THE best.

i tried (using this term loosely) to stick to: wear, read, want, need when thinking about gift for the kiddos. so, without further adieu, here’s our gift guide for the babes:


sweatshirt|tegu helicopter|harmonica|gaston|markers|underwear


doll|flora and the flamingo|tights|sophie|tutu|black & white cards


play kitchen|bath dropz|soft veggies|frozen|soft fruits|tap the magic tree

everett has been our only baby for the last two christmases and, it’s not a huge surprise, that he is S-P-O-I-L-E-D. needless to say, we have a ton of toys and such, so i didn’t go too crazy with the toys for either him or eleanor. i know they will get toys from others, so i thought i’d keep them at a minimum from us/santa.

can i just say, buying this year was pretty hard! their age gap made buying a large, joint gift kind of difficult. we finally decided on the play kitchen. we figured that eleanor will be mobile VERY soon and she’ll get a lot of play out of it, especially the soft foods. everett loves playing ‘restaurant’ and helping mommy in the kitchen, so we thought he’d also love it.

i’m excited to give eleanor her first doll! i’ve had my eye on a candy kirby doll forEVER. she isn’t old enough to appreciate it yet, but i couldn’t resist. and i think everett is going to LOVE his tegu helicopter. he loves his other tegu blocks, so i think he will have fun disassembling and assembling the helicopter. he also has a fascination with small gadgets and figurines – anything miniature he loves, so i got a couple of surprise lion guard and paw patrol characters to pop in his stocking. eleanor is starting to really take interest in pictures in the books i read, so i think she will like all of the cute pictures in flora and the flamingo.

i hope this guide is helpful for you! if you have any gift ideas, i’d love to hear!



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