jolly ol saint nick

each year, the local primary school has santa visit. it’s part of the PAT program. there’s pictures with santa and tons of activities for the kids to do. so we’ve had this on the calendar forever; this means that andrew was free from hunting and i didn’t have anything either (freaking miracle). this was literally our only free weekend. we drive up to the school and the parking lot is completely empty…uh oh. there’s a message board under the school sign in the yard that says ‘Breakfast with Santa 12/10’. my stomach sinks. WRONG DAY. i was pissed. i had gotten the kids up and looking cute, we were on time (which never happens), AND i had been prepping everett for santa for like two weeks!!! fail, complete fail. i think andrew felt bad for me, so he thought we’d drive around for a bit since we were already in the car. we discussed and decided that andrew would take the kids to see santa in the cluster of bass pro the following weekend. trust me, it is no easy task! well, after both kids were sound asleep, we get a text from his cousin saying that santa WAS at the school! of course. after much debate, we ultimately decided that we’d better go ahead and get them in to see santa now versus waiting another week and then braving the massive crowds solo. i could just see everett climbing on the animal displays and eleanor screaming just because in the looooooong line; all the while, andrew looks as if he might throw himself off of the nearest building. haha! shout out to moms!


anyway… santa was not a hit for mr. everett. he thought santa was ‘cweepy’ and didn’t want to see on his lap or tell him what he wanted for christmas. i even tried to tell everett to let santa know that beck (our elf) has come to visit and he’s been a good boy. crickets. baby sis was having a grand time on santa’s lap and even smiled. a solid 70% on the old success scale for the parents. we were in and out! bingo bango bongo! then elea and i had a brunch date with my momma and sis. a heck of a saturday morning, but we got our annual santa pics, sooooo #nailed it.


in other news, we are introducing solids to elea. so far, after trying green beans, sweet potatoes, avocados, and bananas, she prefers nilla wafers. [insert dancing lady emoji] second kid problems? ha!



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