monday moments

back to monday… how does that happen so fast? it just sneaks right up on me.

this weekend was a bit dreary, but it did start off with a tasty delight! everett and i met up with some friends to attend our very first Food Truck Frenzy. while we didn’t stay for the movie, we did enjoy the warm weather and bubbles before the storm blew in.



saturday was a rainy and drab day. my mom and i teamed up with our besties (who happen to be mother and daughter, as well!) to run in the Color Fun Fest (STL addition). we were really doubting our fun-having abilities when we arrived. it was misting outside and a bit chilly. but once we warmed up for the ‘run’ (i’m saying that in quotations because we totally did not prepare for a three mile race. it does say ‘Fun Fest’, doesn’t it?), our spirits brightened up! we were glowing – with color! it was a fun time, for sure.



i did have plans to organize my house. how did i let it get so cluttered? BUT this happened instead.


and i’m not sorry, not even a little.

hope you all had a fabulous weekend!



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