style details: finding the right suit



is it just me or is it super hard to find an age appropriate bathing suit nowadays? it was about this time last year that i began to question my overall style. i have taken on a new life-role as a mother and i feel, now more than ever, that i’ve really come into my own style. with that, i bought my first one piece suit. listen people, they may not be perceived as totally ‘sexy’ to some but those bad boys are so comfortable! plus, you have the added bonus of (a) everything being covered and (b) the piece of mind that your top won’t fling off while you’re swimming about. so, yep, i’m a fan. you won’t see any wardrobe malfunctions with the good ol’ one piece.

now, how to decide…

last year, i was only a couple of months postpartum when summer hit. to say that i looked like a whale that escaped the ocean would be putting it nicely. all in all, i’ve dropped some of the extra weight and am in the market for a new suit. i have never purchased a good quality swimming suit. don’t get me wrong, i love a tarjay suit as much as the next target addict BUT they fade and lose their shape after a summer. so, i figure, why not buy one nice suit that will last for a few summers versus buying a couple different ones every single summer.

here’s my mood board, of sorts:


Anthropologie Lauren Moffatt Ruffled Maillot
JCrew Knotted One-Piece
TopShop Scalloped One-Piece
JCrew Underwire One-Piece
Anthropologie Noelle Resa Maillot
JCrew Bandeau Zip One-Piece

some of these are entirely out of my price range, but they are ‘inspiration’. i haven’t made up my mind on the exact purchase, but i am really loving the zesty colors jcrew has to offer! also, if you haven’t checked out their blog, you should! this particular post tells you about all the rigor that goes into making a quality bathing suit! well, i thought it was interesting, at least…

anywho, that’s what’s on my mind so i thought i’d put it out there… how’s your day? hope you’re making it count!


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