saturday mornings…


my weekends are a little different now. they used to consist of going out and sleeping in until whenever. now i have a different kind of alarm clock. his name is everett.

even when i am so exhausted, the wear of the running around has caught up to me, the little coos and giggles coming from that baby monitor wake me right up and put a smile on my face. i am instantly energetic…even if my mind is saying ‘need sleeeeeep’.

as i’m sitting here this morning, just me and rett, i can’t believe how my life has changed over the last year. i’m enjoying my coffee with a different perspective today. this little human turned my life upside down in the best way possible.

he is my world. and no matter how tired or out of sorts i may be, he always makes everything right.

gotta go – it’s time to play blocks.


*forgive the past tense of this post, i was feeling inspired and decided to write this over the weekend.*


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