happy happy friday!

our first FULL week of 2015 in the books. WOW. time sure does fly right on by. what were my five’s for the week, you ask? oh, let me share!


this may sound ridiculous, but i’m very thankful that my hair is getting long enough to throw in a top knot. is that super lame? #sorrynotsorry i LOVE – for real – my long bob (lob, is it?). i do. it is so versatile. it is short enough to do cute, messy waves yet long enough to throw in an updo. and, since i can’t seem to NOT hit my snooze button one hundred times every morning, i have been wearing my locks UP. often.


the holiday season is always very busy. i feel like it is extra busy for us. we are gone every weekend. in fact, i feel like we really haven’t had a solid weekend of pajama-wearing in quite some time. so THIS weekend, we have zero plans. and i’m pumped!


i gave my dad and husband several projects to work on over the holiday season: nightstands, a sign for my mom, bookshelves, a bedroom closet. you know, easy stuff. they finished up my goods and they look AWESOME. the nightstands pulled our bedroom together and everett’s bookshelves look fantastic! pinterest working at its finest!


my little nugget was so sick last week. he is feeling much better now and i couldn’t resist a photo:



i have really been working on polishing my style. i know i just did a closet detox, but i’m not satisfied. i feel like my closet isn’t speaking my style. i have really been focusing on what styles i gravitate towards. i know i’ve already mentioned pinterest in the post, but i completely love this site for the simple fact that i can create a mood board and reference it when i need a little inspiration. love it!

how has your week been? i hope you have a restful weekend!



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