high five for friday

ahh, fridays. i love them. it means two whole days of endless possibilities! well, for me, sleep. does anyone else have a teething baby??

so, i’m starting this new segment. as you can see by the title of this post, it’s called high five for friday. that’s right.

i’ve seen quite a few other blogs that do a friday special – whether it’s favorites or things they learned that week or things they are thankful for. this weekly post will be a combo. my aim is to share things that i’ve done, new finds, loves, thoughts, thanks, wherever the wind blows me… okay? okay!

ready. set. GO.


 high five for friday!

1. it’s november. what the what?! where did october even go? i mean that is my favorite month. fall sets in AND i was born. it’s a great time of year. haha! i am pumped about the fall weather, although in these parts it’s been a tad frosty. i even had to break out my winter coat this morning. that’s okay – that means it’s hot chocolate season! who’s with me!?

2. IMG_7638[1]

need i say more?

3. on thursday night, my family (minus my brother since he’s off living the college life) and i went to a little dinner at a local restaurant. i’m not one to have a ‘norm’ on the menu at a place, but i may have to change my mind on that. the pasta primavera at this place was amaze. i might go get an order of it tonight…

4. am i the last person on the face of the earth to update my iphone? probably. i don’t have the 6 – i’m not that fancy… but i finally uploaded all of my pics to my computer and cleared the exact amount of space for the udpate! yay! the only problem is that now i don’t have room for anything else… it seems that i may take too many photos of my kid. #momprobs oh – i forgot WHY i was putting this on the list… i sort of love the update! is anyone else diggin’ the ‘TIPS’ app? me likey. selfies? with a timer? count me in.



5. revlon colorburst balm stain in adore. LOVE this shade. it is a perfect fall/winter ruby stain. not too much, but not too little. it is more of an opaque color. super moisturizing. it is really my go-to shade right now! especially with a soft, grey eye. perfection!


how was your week? tell me about it!




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