lipstick basics

i love lipstick. it’s magical. with one quick swipe, it can pull my look together.

if you’re new to the world of lipstick, it can be overwhelming. you are probably asking yourself 598 questions, only to walk out of the store with nothing because it is so intimidating. you’re not alone.


1. tarte amazonian butter lipstick

2. dior addict lip glow

3. bite lip & line primer

4. bite luminous creme lipstick

5. revlon colorburst balm stain

6. tarte universial nude liner

here are some tidbits to know about lipstick:

lipstick is typically a high-pigmented product. it comes in different consistencies: creamy, shiny, matte. find what finish YOU love. think about how it (a) looks on you and (b) feels on your lips. i, personally, enjoy a creamy or matte finish. wearing a bold lip color can sometimes be tricky. if you are looking to wear a bold lip (say, perhaps a red), keep your makeup minimal. you don’t want to necessarily look like a pin-up girl. lipstick also comes in sheer shades. these are meant to portray more of a natural look. my favorite lipstick is by tarte. there are a variety of shades, plus the finish is like butter – which is probably why it is named the way it is…

what about lip liners? exactly. ya gots ta have one…or ten. liners can do a couple of things: (1) a liner can help create a nice base and lip shape and help your color longer, (2) you can wear it alone for definition or under a clear/neutral balm, (3) you can use a nude shade or this amazing bite product to keep your lip color from feathering (i seriously love it), and (4) you can actually get your lip color to take on a new tint by choosing different liner shades to pair with it. are lip liners absolutely necessary for lipstick wear? no, they aren’t. but i encourage you to try them out and decide for yourself. there is a difference when you wear one and when you don’t. this will depend on what look you are trying to achieve. it’s like prepping your face before makeup…you can tell when someone isn’t wearing concealer. you may have nice, hydrated lips and not need to worry about feathering. some people are not that lucky. you can also use a lip brush and apply some of the actual lipstick as a liner to define your lip. this ensures a proper color match. like i said, test it out.

lip crayons are all the rage. and i can understand why. i’m on the bandwagon. these are unique because they give you the hydration of a balm, but are concentrated with the pigment of a stain. so you get a nice, long-lasting splash of color without the stickiness of a gloss or the drying effect of a stain. i’m loving the revlon colorburst balm stain. i put it on in the morning – my lips stay hydrated and have a beautiful tint of color all day. do i reapply? why yes. it’s the lipstick lover in me, i can’t help it. but you don’t really have to. it does wear off a little with eating and drinking. depending on the shade i will also treat it more like a lipstick, applying a smidge of liner the bite prepping balm to give it a bolder effect. just depends on my mood. there are different finishes with many of the lip crayons – i do like the natural balm finish, but i occasionally wear the matte finish. just BE CAREFUL: do not to wear a matte lip color if you have dry lips. it isn’t a good look.

have any lipstick questions? comment below.






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