D4 | odds&ends

'do i really need to get that, too?' if you are new mom this is probably the thought running through your brain - day and night. it definitely was for me! this begs the question...what else DO you really need for your little bundle? maybe this can help a sista out: [noise/sound machine] YES we … Continue reading D4 | odds&ends


if you read my earlier post, you know that my baby has been on a combo diet of breastmilk and formula. so what do you really need for that first year? like i've said before, i'm no expert but this is what i've found in my early stages of motherhood: [bottles] i really didn't know what … Continue reading D3 | FEEDING

D1 | BABY GEAR | to buy or not to buy?

okay, so i am NOT an expert in mothering or on babies - at all. but since i have done this a total of...one time (haha!), i figure i have some knowledge to bring to the table. so for day one of everett's first birthday week, i thought i'd start with GEAR. [stroller] we actually … Continue reading D1 | BABY GEAR | to buy or not to buy?