32/33 w e e k s

single digits. (insert all the wide-eyed emojis) WHAT THE WHAT. i'm still trying to process that.   size: she's up to about 4 pounds and is measuring somewhere around 18 inches long. i can definitely tell when she's moving around that she is running out of room! she's breathing and swallowing and growing away in … Continue reading 32/33 w e e k s

2 8 w e e k s

we are officially in the THIRD trimester! full disclosure, i'm actually 29 weeks now but didn't get a chance to post. 🙂 size: little lady is about the size of a large eggplant and is at about 2.25 pounds. although if you look at me, you may think to yourself that this baby must be … Continue reading 2 8 w e e k s