the house of beck | part 2

you ready for a quick house update?

since i last checked in, a lot has been happening over at the new house. while the inside is still very much in progress, the outside is coming right along!

we’ve gotten our garage and basement poured and the flat-work all done. which really helped the house take shape. and we finally got basement stairs!

my extremely talented cousin (who did our garage and basement for us) poured our porch and stamped it. this photo is pre-power wash…so it’ll look a little lighter after it’s completely clean and sealed. love the way it looks, though! we didn’t go with a traditional wood color so it doesn’t clash with our cedar and front door.

the brick turned out perfectly! it’s so scary picking things out from samples and then trying to ‘see’ it on or in your home. for me, it’s a total crap-shoot. sort of like ‘yeah, i think that’ll work’ and then lots of praying that it turns out decent looking and not like shit. so totally #winning with the brick!

the deck is about 30% finished. this will be a giant relief to me. i hate having unlocked doors going to the back of the house. it is a sheer drop back there. this will be a lot safer once it’s all done! we went with the no-maintenance decking and it looks super nice so far.

up next? we’ve passed our initial inspection and gotten the inside insulated. we’re ready for drywall! #finally

don’t forget to follow along with us on instagram: @the_lucybea. i have an entire highlight section called ‘home’ so you can catch up on the progress!

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