life | lately

hey hey. is it fall where you are? we’re in the ‘i’m mother nature and i can’t really decide’ season right now. i don’t actually hate it. i love each season. okay, well – if i’m being honest – winter does wear on me a little towards the end.

we’ve been super busy lately, so i thought i’d spam you with some current pics. i know! you’re excited. i can tell!

school year routine is in full-force. but the weekends haven’t slowed down whatsoever… we’ve had weddings, play dates, birthday parties, and appointments loading us down. not to mention working on the house non-stop!

it’s been crazy! i think we’re all looking forward to october being a little less insane. pajamas all day… i’m here for it! and i think my kiddos are too! just in time to really gear up on the moving situation. #yesssss

that’s what we’ve been doing lately. in between the craziness, we’ve had fun this summer! i was sad to see it end, but we’re ready for all things fall. and my favorite holiday of all: halloween! what have you been up to?



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