family vacation | 2019

||the greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories||

every year, my parents plan a family vacation. we’ve been doing this since as far back as i can remember. we’ve been to so many amazing places, always trading off between a beach and the mountains each year. we love to explore new places every time.

my family is close, so doing these vacations with them every year is something that i look forward to every summer. the memories we share from these trips can never be replaced. now, we get to bring our babies with us and build their memories. this tradition is so special to me, and i know i can speak for my parents and siblings when i say that it’s something they treasure, too. family is everything.

this was a beach year and to say i was excited for it is an understatement! the road-trip down and back…not so much. but it’s part of the fun? yeah, let’s go with that. in all actuality, the kiddos did amazing on the way there. it was about 14 hours total to drive to Crescent Beach area, where our house was.

our house was aptly named The Sea Bracelet – and it was definitely fitting! it was adorable! it had a huge kitchen, plenty of bedrooms for 8 adults and four babes. a nice patio where we grilled out every night and listened to music. it was just what we all needed.

we ate too much, drank too much, had sand everywhere, laughed so hard, made toasts to great memories from the past, and shared in some new ones for the future. it was a vacation for the books.



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