let me catch you up.

hello. it’s me.

haha! i know it’s been a while. and i know you missed me. aw..i missed you too!

i thought i’d hop on here and get you up to speed on all the things since i’ve been gone (so many song references here! not sorry.):

1. we had a baby last year. i know! so surprising since i shared bump pics on here before i went on a sabbatical. 😉 she’s here. she’s cute. her name is ruby. and she’s actually already one. ruby is such a sweetie and has really started letting her personality shine through. i hate that she’s getting big, but she is so fun to watch grow!

2. everett is five now. so sad. he finished up his second year of pre-k and is all ready to head into kindergarten in august! he’s ready. i’m not. he is my sensitive, shark- and dinosaur-loving buddy who loves his sisters and is a really amazing swimmer for being so young.

3. eleanor was three in june – her golden birthday! this girl is my wildflower. she gives us a run for our money, but we love her so much it hurts! she loves mermaids, tutus, unicorns, cookies, and ice cream. she has a lisp and it’s just about the cutest thing ever. she recently cut her own hair. oddly enough, she did a pretty good job. maybe it’s her calling.

4. we finally broke ground on our forever home! FINALLY! it’s been a long time coming, folks. a very. very. long time. so, for this summer, we are still in our rental house. it’s going to be hard moving when it’s time, but we are going to soak up all the keeks, nickel, jacky j, yaya, + grandman time we can for now! we’ll only be 15 minutes away… i know – cry you a river. but it’ll be hard on the kids not being in the same yard or across the street! (and me too!) we are so excited. i’ll share our progress on here as we go.

5. andrew and i took a trip to mexico in january. it was so needed. if you haven’t taken a trip with your spouse, you need to. it was such a great reset for us and our marriage. we want to take a trip every year now! haha! don’t worry, mom – we won’t do that to you. 😉

that’s the scoop. i hope you have been well, dear friend. i’m excited to be here!


2 thoughts on “let me catch you up.

  1. M. Collins says:


    It is so good to hear from you. I’m so excited for you two and the family with the building of the new house. You have such a beautiful family.

    We need to get together again sometime soon. I recently retired after LU let me go. About a month later, I feel and broke my right ankle. I had to have surgery last Friday. I had a plate and 10 screws in my ankle and leg. I’m still recovering now. I go back for a follow-up appointment tomorrow. After he looks things over, I will be put in a cast for four weeks. Then I’ll get a boot for 2-3 weeks. After all that, I start rehab.



    • lara says:

      hey madd!
      oh my goodness! it sounds like we definitely need to catch up! i hope you’re doing okay and your ankle and leg are feeling better. 😦


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