the weather may still be on the fritz in good ol’ missouri, but – before we know it –  everyone will be complaining about how hot it is! so i decided it was time to start thinking about swim season (mostly for my kids because the thought of myself in a swimming suit kind of makes me gag a little…LOL).

they looked so little last year!

why do designers make kids’ suits so dang cute!?! one child does not need 20 suits for crying out loud! but they’re so cuteeeee! (note: this excuse does NOT work on my husband when i come home with more clothing for our kids…)

i decided to put up some styles that caught my eye for the season. eleanor had a couple of really cute suits that i’ll be able to use for our new little lady, but there were some adorable infant options out there, in case you’re in the market!

since my little sis had her babe in december, he’ll be all ready to get some pool time this year! we couldn’t help ourselves and got our boys matching trunks! don’t worry – i’m sure i’ll have one to twenty photos when it’s time for the boys to wear them.
boys suits
1| fish 2| bananas 3| geo 4| dinos
with my parents having a pool in their backyard, it’s no surprise that my kiddos are water babies to the max. even though eleanor was still pretty little last year, she absolutely LOVED the pool. i can’t wait to see her in action this year!baby suitsinfant suits: 1| watermelon 2| tropical flowers 3| vintage floral 4| b+w
(i saw that some of these stores also had toddler + girls’ sizing in these suits! so if you have more than one little girl to think about and are into matching (because WHY NOT!?), make sure to check out those size sections too!)girls suitstoddler suits: 1| multi stripes 2| unicorn (LOVE this one!) 3| pom-pom bikini 4| lemons

having a baby right before summer or early summer can be tough. i mean, unless you’re one of those amazing women that bounces right back with a six-pack and zero fat roll…i call them unicorns. i am NOT a unicorn, so i have had to find some different options for myself! this year, with the baby coming mid-may, i really wanted to make sure i had some nursing-friendly options to choose from. i started to purge some of my old suits (eh hem, bikinis that i’ll never wear again) to make way for some age/season of life appropriate suits. here are some that i’ve come across most recently.
mom suits
totally mom-appropriate without feeling like you’re wearing a tee shirt and umbro shorts. 🙂 hahaha!
1|high-waisted (DEFINITELY on my buy list) 2|mauve 3|b+w 4| blue cut-outs

hang in there – it’s almost pool season! xx





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