E A S T E R 2 0 1 8

happy monday to you!

so we had the best april fool’s joke to date…SPRING! whyyyyy WHYYY is there snow on the ground? mother nature is a comedian apparently. i love holidays. any reason to eat the best food and hang out with our families is where it’s at. since andrew + i have been together, my family has started a new tradition of ‘easter saturday’. we head over to my mom + dad’s to eat a feast, hang out, easter egg hunt, and eat some more. 🙂 before the weirdo weather came in, the kids were able to get out and egg hunt – so they were pretty pumped about that. yaya also spoiled them with easter goodies, including those sweet little rain boots you see! eleanor wasn’t real happy about taking a picture – she really wanted to hunt all the ‘eggsth’, so she decided to ruin every one… sunday, we celebrated our Lord at mass and then went to my sister-in-law’s house to eat another feast and hang out! (seriously SO much good food this weekend – i’m not sad that no one can judge me and my pregnant self on the food intake) all the kiddos raced around to egg hunt, ate too many cookies, and played their little hearts out. i do have to share a momma moment – saturday night, when i was tucking everett into bed, i asked him if he knew why we celebrated easter (obviously, i knew his answer would be in relation to the easter bunny…he’s four). and he said so the easter bunny can visit. i said that’s not really what easter is about though. i asked him if he learned about easter at school and he said ‘we get to have easter because Jesus loves us’. i mean i was a melted pile of love. and then he asked if the easter bunny was bringing chocolate. can’t win em all, i guess…

hope you had an amazing easter celebration with your loved ones!



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