our bedtime routine

if you’ve been around here for a minute or have visited my instagram, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that we are oil lovin’ crazies in my house. *besides andrew…he’s still a skeptic and thinks he isn’t benefiting from them, but he is – hahah! (eyeroll)*

my magic potions, as the kids call them, are so important to me and keeping my home safe + healthy for my tribe and anyone else that pops by. you can read all about why we got started with essential oils here and if you’re interested in checking out all of the amazing benefits of oils, you can head here, too.

one main reason i began researching essential oils was SLEEP. we were riding the struggle bus with everett. he started off being such a great sleeper and then, all of a sudden, he just wasn’t. we tried everything with him. granted, i know there are sleep regression patterns to take into consideration but this seemed beyond. regardless, i decided – hey, it can’t hurt to give them a try! plus there are SO many other benefits with using essential oils that it was a win-win no matter how i stacked it.

now, we have been using oils for quite a while and they have become an important staple in our lives. one of those being our bedtime routine.

we always do a bath (or shower/bath combo – the kids are obsessed with the ‘rain’ in the bathtub. haha!) every night. i typically add a drop or two of lavender in their bathwater and then either color tabs or bubbles. i have a diffuser in every room of the house, so i will also occasionally diffuse a calming blend while they’re in the bath. right now, we’re in limbo with the season change, so the runny/stuffy noses are still hanging around. i like to diffuse RC to help them breathe while they’re playing in the bath too!

after bath, i lather them up with whipped body butter and some YL Seedlings baby oil (seriously amazing). if i could bathe in this oil daily, i would – that’s how calming and soothing it is! we like to keep our immune systems in check by rolling our thieves rollers along our spines and on the bottoms of our tootsies each night. we always diffuse a nice sleepy blend in the kids’ diffusers each night. our current favorite is vetiver + copaiba. but ol faithful is def lavender + orange.

and, finally, our magical linen spray. heaven in spray form. with a combo of lavender, tangerine, and frankincense it makes blankies and pillows and the village of stuffed animals so dreamy.

follow @wildandfreeoils for more oily goodness!


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