so one of the most exciting things happening this year is that we will be adding a sweet little babe to our tribe in may! we are so pumped to meet our little bundle and since i haven’t shared it on any social media yet, i thought my blog would be the best place to share the news.

size: this little nugget is about the size of an ear of corn! at nearly 1.5 pounds, baby is growing at a lightening speed! i feel like a beached whale, so in my mind it’s crazy to think this baby has like 6-7 more pounds to gain.
weight gain: oh – how much weight have i gained? this girl doesn’t look at the scale. who needs to know that! haha! i just tell my doctor if i’m super over or under weight to tell me. so i figure no news is good news! 🙂
symptoms: nothing now! thank goodness! that morning sickness junk is for the birds. i didn’t have it with rett or el so it was new to me this time around! it finally subsided, so now it’s just the normal preggers stuff. i do have some pelvic discomfort after i workout in the mornings, but nothing to worry about.
favorite wardrobe piece to wear right now: jeans and cardis. maternity jeans or the belly band are life. thankfully i can dress down at my work, so that has made my wardrobe so much more comfy! i have to say that i’m ready for dresses! but since missouri can’t seem to get her life together with the weather, i’ll be dressing like we live in alaska for the foreseeable future. yeah, i’m looking at you punxsutawney phil…thanks for nothing.
boy or girl? sweet little girl! although rett still wants to name her tank and says it’s probably still going to be a brother.
nursery update: this little nugget won’t have a dedicated nursery per se. more to come on that soon…but she will be crashing in my room for a bit then maybe sharing a room with her big sis.
pregnancy related item i have loved so far: my pregnancy pillow is a lifesaver. i have the worst lower back pain when i’m pregnant and this gem has helped ease so much of that pain! i love it! andrew, not so much. he’s been replaced and he’s jealous about it… LOL

one thing i am currently having trouble with: patience. with us constantly on the go, i feel like i lose my patience so easily. and then i feel terrible for feeling like i’m about to lose it. i’m working on just relaxing and taking a step back.
one moment I loved about this past week: i had to get my glucose tolerance test done. obviously i was sans kiddos, so i went to target, ran a couple of errands, and got a starbucks BY MYSELF. i felt really guilty but i know i needed it. then i got to spend the rest of the day with my babies. it was such a nice refresher for me.
one thing i plan to do for myself this week: try to get to bed a little earlier than i have been. i’m not a napper, never have been. but there are some days that i could just fall into bed as soon as i walk in the door.
food cravings: cookies. i can’t help it. oreos and the benton’s chocolate chip cookies from aldi. sometimes i can’t wait until i get home to have some. so bad, but sooooo good.
currently working on: working out and stretching. it’s hard with our busy life to keep a consistent workout schedule. i have been getting up in the mornings and doing some prenatal workouts and stretches about three times a week. i’m anxious to get outside and start walking, but again…COLD.


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