here’s to adventures.

growing up, my parents were so great about taking my sister, brother, and me to do lots of different things. family vacations, six flags, water parks, float trips, mark twain cave. we were always on some adventure in between all of the other extracurriculars we were involved with. to some, it may have seemed like we were always on the go – and maybe we were. but to us, we have the BEST memories of all the family adventures we went on. now that we are all older and our little families are growing, nothing’s changed. andrew and i like to take the kids to do lots of things; i think my sister and brother will do the same thing with their kiddos; and my parents are always up for an adventure!

so over the weekend, my mom, dad, and sister took my babes to jurassic quest. they had life-sized dinosaur replicas, baby dinos, fossil digs, bouncy houses, face painting, real paleontologists… that wasn’t even the half of it! if you’ve been around everett, you know that he is obsessed with dinosaurs so he thought this was the best thing since sliced bread! and now that eleanor is getting a little older, she thinks her big brother’s dinosaur collection is pretty cool. 🙂

thanks to my sister, we got some great shots of the kids enjoying it all!

we are so lucky that our kids get to experience so many things! i know life can get in the way sometimes. heck, i’m guilty of it. i let it run me down. we are all so busy with work, taking care of our homes + families, and so many more day to day things. i saw a quote recently: ‘what is life but one GRAND ADVENTURE’. i thought about it for a minute and it couldn’t ring more true. don’t let these moments pass you by. time is fleeting. one day you’ll wake up and wish you could just have that one more moment to load the kids up in the car and make a new memory. we can’t do it all, guys. and we don’t have to. sometimes we need to leave the laundry and dishes, and go. so here’s to many more summer adventures! and remember life is an adventure and babies don’t keep.

happy wednesday, friends. xx ❤


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