summer essential oil DIYs

we love using essential oils and all of their amazing benefits…not to mention all of the fun diys we can make with them! i LOVE sending people home with oily goodness after they visit my house. after all, #sharingiscaring.

we use oils on the daily – especially diffusing in the house, relaxation and bedtime prep. now, with summer in full swing – i’ve been using a couple of go-to diys to help us combat all things summer!

the after-sun spray is so soothing and smells AMAZING. we went to the beach about a month ago on family vacation and after a day out in the sun, this little bottle came in handy.

after-sun spray
20 drops of lavender
10 drops of copaiba
fractionated coconut oil
small spray bottle

we are outside a TON in the summer. poor everett is slightly allergic to mosquito bites and gets huge spots on his arms and legs if he isn’t protected. i make this bug spray concoction and it helps keep bites to a minimum. this is also all natural, so using it on my babies is safe and puts my mind at ease!

bug spray
1/2 teaspoon of sea salt
15 drops of purification
15 drops of lemongrass
10 drops of peppermint
10 drops of lavender
10 drops of citronella
fill with equal parts distilled water and witch hazel

now this next little mixture is seriously the best. i, first, made it early this summer for our beach vacay. since then, i am constantly using it. whether we’re at the pool or just need to deep condition our hair at home, we love using the mermaid hair spray! lavender and rosemary have so many benefits for growing strong, healthy hair. this is a leave-in conditioner, so it is perfect for that summer beachwave vibe.

mermaid hair
1/4 cup of distilled water
1 tablespoon of coconut milk
10 drops of lavender
10 drops of rosemary

we love our ‘magic potions’ and truly believe in the benefits they possess. if you aren’t an oil lover and want to learn more about it, you can check it all out here and here! you will NOT regret it. and get more info about spray bottles and all the other goodies we love to use for our mixtures and diys over on our favorite oil gear page!

happy thursday! xx



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