i know you missed me…

well, i’m back. i know it’s been a while and i know that i ALWAYS do this so you’re not surprised…right?

i’ve missed this place! there have been a lot of changes since i was here last (which is part of the reason behind my absence). i hope to keep this regular, but i can’t make any promises… #momlife annnnd #fulltimejoblife.

here is a short summary of events: got laid off from a job, job hunting, interviewing, birthday party, unemployment/stay-at-home mom for a BRIEF second, more job hunting, more interviewing, new job (yay!), birthday party, another new job (YAY!), vacation, selling our house, cleaning, full schedule, cleaning, packing. any questions? 😊

truthfully, it has been a whirlwind of events this year so far. lots of downs but TONS of ups. i’m excited to be back here and so pumped for all the things!


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