family photos + kiddo snapshot

my amazingly talented friend, abby, took our family pictures a few weeks ago. i look around my home and see all of the candids of my little family she has captured perfectly over the years. from our wedding day to everett’s newborn pictures and now our sweet eleanor. it’s amazing to see how we’ve grown over the years. we were such babies when we got married! and now my little loves are growing right before my eyes. it is so bittersweet.


everett | two & a half
oh my sweet big boy. he stole my heart the second he was born; he really did. he has turned into such a little man over the last few months. i’m sure most of it has to do with the fact that he is a big brother now. his vocabulary is astonishing. i can’t believe some of the words he uses or the sentences he can put together! one of my favorite things he says is when i tell him that i love him, he says ‘you love me?’. 🙂 it’s like he’s so flattered that i love him. he adores his baby sis. anything he can do to make her laugh outloud, he’ll do it. he has an epic amount of energy all.the.time. he never slows down…and that can sometimes be frustrating when it’s bedtime. he just loves to love and loves to have fun. i enjoy watching him learn new things and tell me all about them. he has such a kind and caring heart. i sure love being his momma.


eleanor | 6 months
baby sis is the happiest little nugget around town. she mastered rolling over at an early age – two months on the nose, actually. now she’s moved on to crawling. we figured she’d get it just in time to get into all the presents at christmas. she gets on all fours and rocks and scoots and rocks and scoots – and then takes off! she’s still army crawling a bit, but she gets better everyday! she’s sitting up on her own very well, but not pulling herself up yet. she JUST started pushing herself up and sitting all by herself two days ago. she nurses like a champ, but is getting to that stage where any and everything distracts her. haha! it’s funny to see her be so nosy. she is still waking up at least once a night to eat. while i feel like a bit of a zombie sometimes (especially since everett has had some sleep regression lately), i can’t say i hate the middle of the night feedings. i know that we won’t be breastfeeding forever, so i’m soaking up every moment now. i’m working on baby-led weaning with her, but she’s not quite ready to tackle the chunks of food yet although she does love nilla wafers, cinnamon graham crackers, and green beans. she thinks her big bro is the best thing since sliced bread. she seriously laughs out loud at him 24/7. loveeeeees bath time and loves to snuggle. we are beyond blessed to have this sweet little peach in our lives.


in the words of tina fey ‘being a mom has made me so tired. and SO happy’.

only three sleeps til christmas! i hope you are enjoying the hustle and bustle of the season. it’s my favorite!

*photos by my darling, ABBY, at abigail gorski photography.



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