sleepless in missouri


why do weekends go by so darn fast? we need a petition for five day weekends and two day work weeks. who’s with me!?

our weekend was super chill. my parents had a little bonfire on friday night. everett loves to help my dad build fires and tend to them. he feels so important when he gets to add another log to the pile. fall isn’t complete without roasting hotdogs and marshmallows by a fire!

saturday was THE day to get. stuff. done! i finally switched out all my summer clothes and replaced with my fall/winter clothes. YAY! it’s like i have a whole new wardrobe! after catching up on laundry and cleaning the rest of the house, my cousin and sister came over for a lonnnnng overdue date with ‘Bad Moms’. so good, by the way! if you’re a mom, you need to watch this movie!

okay – so for the main attraction of this post…

my two year old SUCKS AT SLEEPING. seriously, every night it takes him anywhere from 1-2 hours to actually get to sleep and then he will most definitely wake up at least once in the night. ‘mom! my legs hurt. mom! i’m itchy! mom! i need a drink. mom! mom! mom!’ i’m trying to be patient with him, but i’m also feeding a 5 month old in the middle of the night. we have a nightly routine that we RARELY stray away from. i use lavender soap, lavender and cedarwood essential oils, other essential oils – diffused and topically, i do monster spray, we don’t do soda or sweets, we read books, i rub a magic lamp and use all three of my wishes to get him the F asleep: we do it all. maybe it’s just a toddler phase? i don’t know. he isn’t throwing fits or crying, he’s just awake.

i’m done bitching now. i just wonder if there is something i’m not trying out there! until then, i’ll be over here with my caffeine drip, sitting at my desk trying to see the screen through my sandpaper eyeballs. don’t mind me.

happy monday, everyone!


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