my new love for warby parker.


four-eyes and brace-face were two ‘nicknames’ i got stuck with in fifth grade (yeah, thanks..). such a fun year for me. i had to wear my cool glasses and rubber bands on my teeth day in and day out. let’s just say i was pretty popular. i eventually got lasik surgery on my peepers my last year in college and WOW it was great to see clearly! but now i use a double computer screen all day at work, not to mention the iPad and iPhone, the TV, and anything else…so the eye doc suggested getting a pair of glasses to help the strain and glare. and, i’m not gonna lie, they are a bit of a fashion statement as well, so i was for it! ūüėČ

a friend of mine was picking out some new frames with another company similar to warby parker Рand she really loved the process, so i decided to give it a try myself! i am SO glad that i did.


so what makes me love them, you ask? (well, even if you didn’t ask i’ll still tell you)

ONE: they give back. THE best part about this company. for every pair of glasses sold, they give a pair to someone in need. they are even involved in local communities – sponsoring little league teams, distributing frames, and ensuring great working conditions in their factory. the real deal.

TWO: at home try-on and customer service. the at home try-on is genius! i know there are many companies out there that offer this, which is great! i love the fact that you pick the frames and you have five days with them to really see what you like versus the pressure of sitting at the doctor’s office trying to quickly pick out a pair while your two year old is ransacking your diaper bag. you have unlimited try-ons and it’s all free (that means shipping both ways too!). let’s not forget about their customer service. when i called to get an itemized receipt for my insurance reimbursement, i got an actual person! and she was amazingly helpful and took care of my request in literally 5 seconds. you can take selfies of you in the frames and email their team. they will analyze how each frame looks on you and give you honest feedback. i feel like they really want you to love their product and find the best pair for you.

here are some of the ones i picked to try on at home: (i did two rounds of frames…)


THREE: quality. they design and create fashion forward frames for every face type. from the sketch to the physical product Рthey are attentive to detail. they only use high quality materials to build the frames (premium japanese titanium to custom single-sheet cellulose acetate sourced from a family-run Italian factory). not to mention, their lenses are impact-resistant, uv 400 protected and include super hydrophobic anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings. score! (insert high-five emoji)

FOUR: affordability. they cut the middle man by designing and producing their own eyewear. they avoid all the traditional mark-ups you see with other retailers. the majority of their frames WITH lenses start at $95. you seriously can’t beat that!

i eventually landed on keene in sea glass. they are comfy and the color isn’t something i’d traditionally go for, but to my surprise i freaking LOVE them.


i loved my experience with warby parker and i’d recommend them to any and everyone! this wasn’t sponsored in any way, shape, or form – i just had to share this company because they are just THAT good.

if you’re in the market for some new spectacles, give ’em a try! you never have to buy from them if you don’t want to, but trust me – you probs will.

*thank you shout out to my sis for taking these awesome photos!*

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