happy haunting

this may be the only monday of the year that i love…because HALLOWEEN! it’s bittersweet. i loveee october, i love this holiday – and now it’s over. so sad. but it is SO much fun leading up to it, i must admit.

we battled some colds over the weekend in our house, but that didn’t stop us from having some pre-halloween fun. friday we went to tricks for treats at the local school where everett had to play games to win treats (such a cute idea!). he had fun ‘halloweening’ as he calls it. haha! we went out to the local fire house for trunk or treat saturday where they had a helicopter the kids could sit in. he was in heaven! the dude seriously loves helicopters and airplanes. then we prepped for our halloween festivities on sunday – chili, pumpkin spice cupcakes, and pumpkin carving.


i think he would have slept in the witch had i had let him…

ready or not, halloween, the beckemeiers are comin’ for ya!

hope you and your little monsters get all the candy your heart desires! (let’s face it, you’ll be the one eating it, won’t you?)


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