friday favorites



has anyone been watching This Is Us? holy schnikes, it’s SOOOOO freaking good. do me a favor and go watch it now. you will not be sorry. it’s THAT good.

i’ve been following caroline since she started her blog up. it’s called Un-Fancy. if you are into a minimalist style, you need to check her out! i had previously done a capsule closet for a few seasons. i actually stopped when i got pregnant with eleanor just because maternity wear is a bit different to deal with. i’d love to get back into capsuling (is that a verb?)…you know, when i have time to actually put my clothes on their hangers instead of just thrown in the black abyss of my closet. so back to why i brought this blog up: she has just finished doing a 10-day fall remix challenge. you can read about it here. essentially, she picked out 10 pieces of clothing and she had to make 10 days worth of outfits out of just those pieces. i am thinking about giving it a go! you can check out others that did the challenge on insta by searching #unfancyremix – pretty awesome!

i recently got this top from LOFT and it is perfect in every way! if they made more colors, i’d buy them all. seriously adorable and comfy!

tried two new recipes this week (here and here). i need to invest more time into planning my sides versus just the main course. any suggestions are VERY welcome. beware that the slow-cooker chicken parm makes a TON! they seemed to be a hit with the drew and i…everett is still so picky but he did eat the chicken from each – so i consider that a win.

oh the food-note, i found this halloween cocktail called blood and guts. how appropriate. excited to try it this year!

it’s supposed to be gorgeous here this weekend, so here’s to getting some of our fall bucket list checked off!

cheers to the weekend, friends!


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