fall inspired activities for the kiddos

our weekends always seem to be filled to the brim with something. we literally have an obligation every single weekend of this month. but you better believe i’m going to cram in some fun fall activities for my little munchkins!

leaf painting. this looks like it will be fun! maybe not so fun to clean up, but that’s what making memories is all about – making a mess. i think we will have to hold off on this one…there just aren’t a ton of leaves on the ground yet.

chalkboard pumpkins. this will definitely be a hit for us! just find some chalkboard paint (we used some chalkboard spray paint found at our local hardware store), let it dry, and then let your little artist create!

pumpkin bowling. this has popped up on my pinterest feed and looks hilarious! just use gourds for the pins and a small pumpkin for the ball.

scavenger hunt. we’ve really been into matching at our house with everett, so this falls right in line with that. just take a paper bag and draw or list items around the yard/park/playground to find (i.e. acorn, pine cone, red leaf, yellow leaf, a twig, etc.).

trunk or treat. in our town and many surrounding towns, the city or schools will host a trunk or treat. we’ve never been to one, but plan to take our little peter pan and tinker bell this year! ours is at the local firehouse. it’s just a nice, safe environment to let your babes get some treats, plus you get to see the amazing trunks that people decorate for competition!

halloween bark. this is fun for the kiddos that like to help in the kitchen. my little buddy loves to help momma cook, so this will be a fun treat he can help me whip up!

do you have any fun fall traditions that you do with your families? i’d love to add more to our fall bucket list!

happy hump day, peeps!



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