pumpkin patching + first name basis

hey hey! hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoyed the october weather! if you’re from my neck of the woods – how gorgeous was saturday!? the prettiest day. i never wanted it to end! we took advantage and headed out to the pumpkin patch(or punkin patch, as everett calls it). we landed on a local patch called thies farms. i had taken everett there in the spring to pick strawberries, but for the fall it turns into pumpkinland! so. much. fun! i’m glad we all decided to head there early because by the time the kids were hungry (and the parents needed a beer), it was packed! i think we sufficiently wore everyone out and the ‘big’ kids had a blast checking out the farm animals, getting their faces painted, getting lost in the tower of terror (ahem, my child), manning the corn maze, and picking out their prized pumpkins! it was a great day.


on a funny note: everett has now started calling andrew and myself by our first names. my mom (better known as yaya) has been working on it with rettster so he thinks it’s cool that he knows our names. the best part is the times he chooses to USE our first names. for instance, we got to church early yesterday (i have to stake out a large pew) and everett was being extra noisy with his little ‘church approved’ toy. so i leaned down and said ‘if you don’t use your quiet voice, you don’t get m&ms after church’ (sue me, i bribe my child…). he says back to me ‘ YOU use your quiet voice, lara!’. haha! i mean i had to look away so he wouldn’t see me laughing to myself! classic. needless to say, he did NOT get m&ms after church. these kids and the things they pick up on…i need to really watch it!

here’s to an awesome week!


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