cheers to thirty years

well, today’s my birthday. i thought i’d feel a little differently about turning 30. i guess over the years, i’ve always heard others making such a big deal about it. i can’t say that i woke up today feeling any differently towards life; i have a pretty damn good one already! and i can’t say that i have this newly refreshed outlook on what the future should be like, either. i just feel like…myself. so i guess i’m hashtag winning? 🙂 i did have one hell of a year – and i’m looking forward to the next one! shout out to all of my birthday buddies!


drew and i got to go out withOUT children this weekend. our friends invited us out to a charity auction. great food and open bar – YEAH!! we had to take a commemorative selfie, obviously. housework, halloween decorating, a little football (go indianhawks!), and a bucket list check mark consumed the rest of our weekend. if you follow me on snapchat (lara_bckmr) then i’m sure you saw the mo’ cowbell madness. so.many.cowbells. but we did get to see a will ferrell impersonator, so it was fine. [please tell me you’ve seen this snl skit? i’ve got a feva and the only prescription is mo’ cowbell!] drew ran in his first half marathon, so we were his little cheer squad. we had to wake the kids up SO early to drive down to the race site, but it was worth it! everett got a picture with the cow and got to make a lot of noise without getting in trouble for waking his sister. he was in heaven. we had fun and are so proud of dadad!

hope you all had a great weekend! here’s to a speedy week!


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