oh, hey there.

my, my, my – it’s been a LONG time since you’ve seen me, hasn’t it? what’s it been 150 years or so? yeah, i know, i’m a total slacker.

many people have commented to me recently saying ‘hey, you really need to start your blog back up!’ or ‘i just visited to your blog, why haven’t you been writing?’. that got me thinking – to blog or not to blog? i do love doing it. it’s a great little outlet for me! i enjoy other people getting a laugh from me or giving positive feedback. so why not?

exactly: why not. i don’t have an answer, so i’m going to give this a go…again.

life has changed significantly since you last saw me on the blog. i, now, have a little girl. eleanor drew. she was born this past june. everett is rounding the halfway marker to three years old. (SO sad) so, you know, i’ve been momming hardcore over here and loving every.single.second.

i was looking back on my past blog posts thinking – yep, no way i have time for any of that. so IF i can hold up my end and continue blogging here, things may look a little different since you last read. i don’t know in what way yet – like not a single inkling. my plan is to keep you guessing. #sarcasm

today marks a new month. my birthday month – whaaaat!?! can i get a shout out from my fellow libras in the house!? jk. jk. new month, new start. or something like that.

but on the real. i’m excited to be back here and i hope to visit more often than my past record shows.

word to ya motha. oh, and happy october!


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