it’s the little things.


>the most wasted of all days is one without laughter<
e.e. cummings

happy hump day, dear readers! i was a bit of a slacker over the weekend and didn’t get my posts ready for you! no worries, though, i have plenty of everett sightings in today’s ‘little details’ post…as you can see! you’re so very welcome. 🙂

  • this was drew’s second father’s day. i, honestly, can’t remember what we even did for his first one. clearly i made it special… so THIS time around, i made sure to make homemade pancakes with bacon plus he got some new running kicks and sunnies! he was feeling like royalty. we finished up our dad’s day celebrating with our dads and eating WAYYYY too much. BBQ and other yumminess. mmmmmmmmm.
  • when we go to the in-laws digs, we always have to make sure and hop on the polaris for a ride through the woods. last year, when rett was much smaller, we took him for a little ride – nothing crazy. this year, though, he was we were going through the woods at full speed, slopping through all the muck! the boy loved it! added bonus, he thought he could ‘drive’ the polaris so that provided at least 45 minutes of entertainment.
  • rare family selfies = successful.
  • i don’t see too many babies that really sit down and watch tv – well, maybe they do and mine just can’t sit still. ENTER: jurassic park. he literally sat still and watched a good chunk of the orig. i can put on peppa pig and he runs around like a crazy person, but put on snarling dinosaurs and the kid sits calmly. who would have thought!
  • everett had his 15 month check up last week. i can’t believe it. (in case you’re wondering…he is perfect.) he was able to make an appearance in my office. he was a hit with the ladies! mostly, though, he mean-mugged people and then got mad when he had to get out of my swivel chair and stop banging on my keyboard…. needless to say, we made a great impression on the ol’ coworkers.
  • we try to play outside as much as possible in the summer. can’t get enough! everett always grabs his chalk and bubbles. he is quite a serious artist. check out that concentration.

hope your week is going s’well!! see ya on the flip side.



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