luhhh love lurve…my weekly obsessions.

PicMonkey Collagethe things that got me all jazzed up this week! let’s get to it:

>herringbone pom pom throw< are you kidding me with this color!?! i love it. annnd it has a little pom pom fringe! so fresh. it’s no wonder that furbish studio has sold out of this hue. don’t worry, there are others…
>birchwood utensils< these are made by martha. she gets it… imagine my surprise when i clicked the link to check these babies out and it took me to ebay. what the? apparently there is a whole shop for martha’s ‘american made’ line! pretty neat stuff on there! these little wooden utensils are so adorable and would be perfect for an outdoor party!
>leif’s soy wax candles< the simplicity of the packaging makes me happy. they look so clean. not to mention the variety of gorgeous scents. i can’t wait to try the violet and bergamot! they are a little pricey, but if you love candles then you know (a) how great the soy wax burns and (b) the aroma the soy wax puts off. and if you didn’t know…you’re welcome.
>i am very busy. planner< i have a sick obsession with planners, cards, and all things stationary. i can’t help it. it’s a problem when you go to target and can’t walk by the pen/pencil aisle without looking to see if they got anything new in. hi, i’m lara and i have a problem. moving on…this planner from (again…) furbish studio is adorbs! i, being me, have already purchased a 2016 planner for myself BUT this might be a sweet little gift for my sis! …on the other hand, won’t having TWO planners keep me much more organized? the answer is always yes.
>beardology< pure genius! my man always has a beard going. i, secretly, love it! i think it makes him look so manly and rugged. obvi, i’m a little late on the father’s day bandwagon BUT i still had to post this on the list. i’m SO getting some for the hubs. and, also, how cute is the packaging!?
>rainbow fringe garland< because why not?
>rug by GUR< haha! clever name, isn’t it? definitely feeling the bold colors in this handmade rug. that red is spot on.
>eye dishes< i think one of these would be a perfect punch of color on an end table or coffee table. they are quirky and bold. a great combination.
>father’s day card< again, late on the father’s day theme… and, again, i have a card sickness… this one gets right to the point! and, if you’re wondering, yes i did turn out awesome. thanks, daddy! 🙂
>hot pepper good luck charm< yes. yes, you read that right. i know it’s weird. if i’m being honest, i just thought the photo was cute so i clicked it and found that there is a whole world of good luck hot peppers. they must be made in a magical way. do they make money peppers? or a ‘get your child to eat something besides veggie straws’ pepper? if they do, sign a sista up!
>maggie moo bloomers< are you joking right now? STOP with the cuteness! if i ever have a daughter, she’s wearing bloomers. i’ve already ‘favorited’ this shop. maggie moo, i don’t know who you are, but i heart you and your designs.

there you have it, dear readers, my loveeee list for the week! hope your week has been cheery!


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