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\\you need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you//
Andy Warhol

THINKING ABOUT:: growing up, we didn’t really go to parks. we only had one little park in my hometown and it wasn’t anything too special. we lived far away from everything else, so we usually ended up playing in the yard with a sprinkler, riding bikes, or (later on) swim in the pool. nowadays, a lot of parks have these splash pads for children. i have only recently been to one. it was so much fun! there are so many more parks in this area than i ever knew existed. even our beautiful state parks. i don’t think i’ve ever had a chance to appreciate them. with the warm climate upon us, we may have to do more day trips to check out what our little slice of the midwest has to offer.

LISTENING TO:: i don’t get to wake up with everett very often. i’m usually out on the road before he even stirs. the last few times (mostly on the weekends) that i’ve gotten to be home when he wakes have been beyond hilarious. he has recently figured out how to jump on a bed so, before i go into his room, i listen through the door. i can hear him jumping in his crib, laughing so hard at himself. it is the.most.precious.sound ever!! he’s having so much fun that even when i peek in, he’s still havin’ at it! ah, that boy…he makes my heart smile.

EATING:: watermelon. my boys and i can’t get enough! everett is SO picky right now..well, he has been since he started eating real food. i don’t know if it is a texture thing or what. we’ll see if he likes watermelon today…he did last week! eh, it’s a toss up at this point.

READING:: reading is a pastime (heavy on the ‘past’) that i enjoyed pre-baby. now, by the time i have some quiet, i’m beyond exhausted and ready for sleep! i plan to change that this summer. i recently stumbled upon the Modern Mrs. Darcy, where she posted a summer reading list. i’m excited to buy my first book and get to reading! wish me luck…

LOVING:: i’m so excited to get into my summer wardrobe. i’ve been capsuling (yep, just made that a verb). i tried it out for the spring and i really loved it! i thought i’d have a hard time narrowing down my wardrobe soooo much, but it was actually quite refreshing to only have a select few pieces. i found some really great shorts at, duh, jcrew. AND they were on sale. they look comfy and they are so bright! also, i think i’m going to break out the ol’ jean jacket and give that trend a whirl…

happy friday, peeps! i hope you have an amazing weekend! see ya on the flip side.



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