luhhh love lurve…my weekly obsessions.

PicMonkey Collage

ahh, yes. time for another round of my weekly obsessions. i know how excited you are, so let’s chat!

BackYard Lawn Dice:: we love to be outdoors as much as possible when the weather cooperates. now that we have everett, we find ourselves outside even more than usual. that kid canNOT get enough of anything to do with outside! we love to play stripper-pole frisbee (i don’t know if that is a thing everywhere, but my cousins have it and it is the BEST game. ever. don’t worry, it has nothing to do with strippers, stripping, or pole dancing…i promise) so these extra large dice look like they will be a fun addition to our outside shenanigans!

Sorbet:: who doesn’t love a cold treat on a hot summer’s day? well, if you don’t – you’re straight up cray. i love ice cream, but you just can’t beat a tasty sorbet! the lunchbox bunch blog has compiled a ton of different concoctions. i can’t wait to try the spicy mango. MMMMMMMMMM!

Lily Avenue Darla Wallet:: now that i’m into my ‘mom bag’, i like to have a smaller wallet that i can pop in and out of my little clutch. this wallet from kate spade is a perfect shade of island blue.

Woodlawn Wolfie:: does this even need an explanation? the answer is no. i think everett wants needs this…

RM Mini Sydney Crossbody:: this is a pricey little piece, but the color is superb. i love that punchy pink! plus it has a tassel. eeeeeep!

Festival Sunnies:: i am, currently, obsessing over sunnies. my sister is notorious for having the best sunglasses. she (1) looks good in every.single.pair. SERIOUSLY. and (2) always finds absolute gems in the most random places! i really hadn’t done a ton of shopping at urban outfitters for, well, anything…but i just so happened to be perusing on their site and found some really great deals on sunglasses. so, needless to say, i’m pumped and i have a rather large wish list. #sorrynotsorry

Boardwalk Shorts:: this is probably one of my most favorite finds of the week! can you believe that color?!? OMG – i die. it’s fabulous and i need one in every color. thanks.

well, that does it! thanks for stopping in! you’re half way through the week. i can see the weekend from here… whoa, we’re half way there. (bon jovi reference, anyone?) he he!



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