high five for friday!

\\you need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you//
Andy Warhol


i’ve decided to take a new spin on H54F. instead of being completely random, i decided that it would be nice to tame ma brain and have a little structure around these parts. so, i will be sharing a bit about things i’m thinking about or what i’m feeling or am thankful for, etc. i’ll keep it to five points to stay within the ‘H54F’ theme. i think it is important for me – for everyone – to step away from the hustle of each day and think about YOU, simplistically. i’ve seen this on other blogs, too, so let’s give it a shot! (edit: as i was writing this post, this entry proved to be a lot harder than i anticipated! i’m eager to give it another go next week.)

THANKFUL FOR> in missouri, you never know what mother nature will throw at you on any given day. some days she’ll be like ‘sunshine for everyone!’ and then some days she’ll pitch ya a curve with snow in the middle of spring. #cray either way, it’s summer here, my peeps, and i’m lovin’ it! we love to be outside doing things: going for walks, playing in the yard, BBQing, hanging by the pool – whatever! i’m excited that the weather is consistently warm now so, even if it is raining, we can enjoy the fresh air…and puddles. 😉

FEELING> everett is so much fun right now. his little mind is like a sponge. he learns/does something new every day. come to think of it, every age has been a delight with him. he’s a cool cat! lately, though, i’ve been so impatient with him. i feel awful about it. i seem to fly of the handle at the smallest of things. when he doesn’t listen if i tell him ‘no’ or if he is throwing his dinner off of the highchair tray – i get irritated and i get onto him about it. judge me if you want. trust me, i feel bad enough about it anyway. being a working mommy is hard. you carry the work day home with you (even if your job isn’t ‘stressful’ it is still work). when you get home, you have all of your house work and to-dos staring at you and laughing in your face. it builds and builds until BLAMMM! you get upset at your one year old son who is just being a kid. i know i’m not the only one, but i feel terrible about it. spending time with him is the absolute BEST part of my day, every day, and i don’t want to look back on this time only to remember how i wasted it being frustrated with this or that.

THINKING ABOUT> how does one person accumulate so much ‘stuff’? if you were to ask me about it, i would claim how much i hate clutter. and that’s the truth! however, if i’m being honest here, i have to admit that i’m drowning in a sea of unworn clothing, random piles of mail, blankets (huh?), baby things to be sorted, bottles of perfume (whyyyy?). oh, there’s more. i’ve gots ta get it out! so i’m making a list (because i love lists and they make me feel better) of what i need to do and what i need to get rid of. we’ll call it spring cleaning. of my whole life. #help

WATCHING> i don’t get to watch a ton on the tele. by the time i get home from work, i get right on dinner (usually), and then by the time we are done eating, it’s bathtime for the rettster! so, needless to say, i love me some genie. i can record all the trash t.v. that i want and she (yes, she’s a she) doesn’t judge back with a look of ‘wow, lara, you’re 28 years old and you watch that trash?’ on her face. we’re friends. SO ANYWAY i started watching this new show, Younger. it piqued my interest, initially, because of the literary references and the catchy premise. i watched one episode and i was hooked. i adore sutton foster (who stars as liza…the 40 year old re-entering the ‘work world’ as a 26 year old to pursue her dream job in publishing). it is a gem. if you haven’t checked it out, you should. PLUS, this is produced and directed by Darren Star – for my Sex and The City lovers, you’ll recognize that name. the season finale is next week. i’ll probably eat a whole carton of ice cream to curb my sadness.

LOVING> i don’t know if it’s the fact that it will be officially summer in 16 days (but who’s coutning?) or what, but the thought of bright colors has me pumped! they literally put me in a better mood in a single instant! as you saw in my weekly obsessions post yesterday, there’s this shade of rorange that i’m in love with and can’t get enough of. i’m not one to douse myself with all-over color, but i love different hints of a punchy hue. in particular, i love this marvelous shade on my nails: OPI Cajun Shrimp. it’s lovely. i also dig a rorange (this word is going to catch on!!) lip color. this lipstain from revlon is magical! annnd it’s called audacious (synonym: bold). perfection. a cup of coffee and a bright pop of color – THAT’S what gets me through my day!

happy friday, everyone! hope you have a spectacular weekend.



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