luhhh love lurve…my weekly obsessions.

Presentation3here’s what delighted and excited me this week.
let’s talk about it!

  • has anyone else gotten into the espadrille trend? i think i may jump on that wagon… especially since i’ve seen these spotted beauties. or maybe stripes. i can’t decide. uh oh. i may have to just get both. he he!
  • fringe, pom poms, tassels – they’re my jam. i love little fun details like this adorable necklace from leif. you can really spice up your outfit with a fun fringed accessory. plus, who doesn’t love a punch of color? exactly.
  • a ginormous watermelon raft? nuff said. oooo…or maybe a pizza slice. is it lunch time?
  • bold cotton tees from the gap. a summer staple for muah. the kelly green striped tee may or may not be in my virtual cart…
  • these wooden sculptures are gorgeous with their abstract pop of color. i can picture them against a crisp white wall. so unexpected and bold!
  • clambake by essie. ALSO my jam. rorangey (yep, made it up. sound it out…) is a color for champions. and everyone else. #getonmynails
  • i’m planning on being a popsicle maniac this summer. martha never lets me down.
  • blair ritchey and madewell. a match made in handbag heaven. can we talk about the fact that blair’s wallet comes in chartreuse? oh, and the fact that you can MONOGRAM the transport tote? see, we are on the same page.

thanks for stopping in, dear reader! the weekend is just on the horizon. hang in there!


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