it’s friday!

happy happy friday, everyone! boy am i glad we made it through this lonnnnng week – a GREAT week, but long nonetheless.


we have another installment of mean tweets! they are so funny…but it kind of amazes me that so many people take time out of their day to be completely hateful. it’s sad…also, they are strangers to you! why do you care to say anything to them at all? oh well, it provides some giggles for us, doesn’t it?!


was anyone a little taken aback by the superbowl commercials? i certainly was. they seemed to be more serious this year – taking on ‘real’ feelings as opposed to full-on comedy. the commercial below made me tear up and obviously the AB commercial with the puppy and clydesdales…hello. call me a hormonal and emotional mess, but this one got me, too.


my good friend and i started a bible study together. this is a first for me. i’ve never really sought out others, especially my friends, to help guide me in my faith. i have to say that this is one of the absolute best things i’ve ever done. she and i have some amazing and deep conversations – they really make me think. it is incredible how The Lord really does shine on us every day and how His word can reflect on our daily lives. if you’re interested in learning more or doing your own bible study, here are a couple of apps that i recommend – you won’t be sorry! App ONE, App TWO


i posted my january beauty favorites yesterday. i’m already working on some faves for february, too. BUT i have to tell you about this new foundation i found…well, it isn’t new, but it’s new to me! revlon colorstay foundation is awesome! i will post more about it sooooon!


i know i promised some braid tutorials. well, turns out, they are a little harder film or take photos of by myself. i’m working on it…

have a fantabulous weekend!


*ps: for some reason youtube videos in my post won’t embed…you’ll just have to follow the links. sorry!*

One thought on “it’s friday!

  1. Leah Czerniewski says:

    I was just going to get more foundation this weekend! Thanks for the rec. Also, if you are looking for oil control (i.e. colorstay for oily/combo skin) I just got hooked on Josie Maran Argan Oil I had heard of people putting more oil on your face to combat oiliness, and I was finally desperate enough to try it. Surprise! It worked. I still think those infused oils for health are B.S. though 😉


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