me time.

i am an ‘on the go’ person. i grew up that way. there was never a dull moment and hardly ever a free weekend to spare around our household.

nothing’s changed. i’m sitting here looking at my planner and there isn’t a little square that isn’t filled up, it seems.

before i had everett, i took the time for me. i enjoyed painting my nails, giving myself mini facials, sitting on the couch to watch my shows or read a book…doing nothing. absolutely nothing.

i don’t do those things anymore. now my downtime consists of cleaning up toys, putting laundry away, cleaning, cooking…whatever i can get done while i have the time.

i’ve thought about how much me-time i had before everett came along, and while it was nice to just relax and enjoy some downtime within the mix of our ever-busy schedule, i can honestly say that i don’t miss what it once was.

the only time i need is when that little baby is asleep in my arms. or when the house is so quiet after the boys have gone to bed. THAT is my me-time. after the rush of the day is over and i can sit in the quiet and appreciate how blessed i really am.

now that i am a mom, the time i spend on me is defined very differently than it once was. YES it is so important to take time for you and to decompress. but no longer am i concerned with the things i once was.

it is amazing how having a child can change you. i still enjoy the little things i used to, but they just don’t matter as much anymore.



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