this week has been a blur, yet i feel like nothing has been accomplished! ugh. i feel like my post title should read ‘H24F’.

here goes nothing…


i did manage to get my meal planning done for the upcoming month! now to grocery shop… does anyone else have to strategize before they go grocery shopping? i, first of all, have to devout an entire day to grocery shopping and errand running. and, second, i have to make sure and pack my little one up and have enough goods to entertain him the whole time! it’s a task, let me tell you. but, i have to say that i do enjoy our little outings. rett is such a great shopper! plus i will be picking up some goodies to start his birthday decorations. actually a pretty nice little saturday. (name that movie..??)


moms out there, you need to read this post from the amazing people at coffee + crumbs blog. it is special, so so special:



i got a little teaser of everett’s nine month photo session. isn’t this adorable! if you are in my area and in search of a photographer, abby is simply amazing! she works wonders with children and her finished product never disappoints. you can check her out here.



it’s superbowl weekend! i’m not really cheering for either team…maybe leaning towards the seahawks, a little. what are your plans? i think we are staying in. frankly, i don’t want to get out of my pajamas and slippers…so i probably won’t! ha!


last weekend, we were able to catch up with some friends – it was so great! one of my friends just had her third baby. a sweet little girl named scarlet. she is precious. rett and i had a little lunch date with my other friend and her sweet little family; which we always have the very best time there! you know, my relationships with my friends are so important to me. i have a handful of very close friends and i am so grateful for them. they really are my family and i can’t imagine life without those crazy people!

i hope you all enjoy your weekend. i’ll be back next week with some goodies!



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