the 411 on braids.

happy hump day!

before i start adding some braided styles to the blog, it occurred to me that some may not know how to braid. so i thought i’d share some resources for basic how-tos on braiding.

for a basic french braid, here are a couple of tutorials:


the fishtail is very popular and super easy to do. here is a basic tutorial:

you will see the term ‘dutch french braid‘ all over. this is my go-to braid. it is cute and can be pulled apart quite easily. here is a basic tutorial so you can get the concept down. it is literally an inside-out french braid. don’t get distracted by the term ‘dutch’!

(this tutorial is displaying a side braid, but you can at least understand the concept)

with many of my styles i use a french fishtail braid or even a dutch-french fishtail braid. once you have these three basic braids down, you can do pretty much any style you’d like!

i learned to braid on myself. it didn’t just click overnight and sometimes i have to take my braid out and start all over. just keep practicing and you will get it in no time!



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